Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Herb,food,history,and culture-inspiration

Pics by Johanna.

I found a little treasure this spring in the flee-marked.  A book written in the seventies Norway about a herb-garden out on a little island in the south-eastern  part of the Oslofjord ,Norway.
It`s great reading, very inspirational , and full of great stories from the authors childhood in the north of Norway, with a mix of her families russian heritage and customs, and the many stories from their herb-garden in Hvaler, with a lot of herbal knowledge and how too`s, medicinal, cultural, mythical and not to forget ,all the good ways of using the herbs in food. This is a book that lives in you and inspires on many levels. Most likely only to be found in second hand bookstores here in Norway. Or in Loppemarked...(flee-marked)

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