Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dente de Lion, I just love you !

The dandelion is making the garden look very festive and happy these days. I used to think that the flowers would last all summer. And there will always be some to be found in the summer time, but it´s around these times of the year that one finds so much of it that there is enough flowers to make dandelion wine or dandelion lemonade.( links how to make , under pic.)

Did you know that the dandelion is a very special plant? It is  so in many ways.
Botanically it´s one of the very rare plants that reproduces by it selves. It does´n need the pollen from a male plant. It´s like a virgin bitrth every time it reproduces it self. I tend to think thats why it is so strong.
It has integrated both polarities and nothing can rock it or destroy it. Thats how we become when we eat ,drink, or enjoy it´s company...full powerhouse.

For our health it`s one of our most valuable plants . I have written about this in a earlier post.

Historically it has been very much a respected and wanted plant . When the british people had to moove out to rule their big imperia, they brought with them dandelion seeds to grow around their home to feel more like home.
In wartime , Norway, people had to resort back to what our pre parents had known about our wild plants, and of course was dandelion one of the most valuable plants they used . People went out to collect the whole plant with the root and everything . This was valuable ,plentiful and free food . From the leaves they made soups, salads and stews . From the beautiful flower they made delicious wine . And the root was dried ,chopped and burnt to cafe substitute ,or just dried and used as flour for pancakes, and bread,mixed with the poor wartime flower .

Vive la Dente de Lion !

Lets hope we don`succeed in trying to rid our selves with this fantastic plant! This earth would not be the same without it.

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