Friday, August 31, 2012

Yoga dressed in olive oil and sundried tomatoes...

Pics by Johanna.

We stayed in a olive grove in Sardinia. A olive grove with all kind of fruit trees, grape vines ,and fig trees...a little earthly paradise. And not only a earthly paradise, it`s also used as a yoga retreat where one can spend a week doing yoga ,eat tha fresh local food and home grown foods, and of course dressed in the olive oil from the very ground you live on. It`s got to be good for you !
Ateeka is a woman of great creativity,vision and energy ,and is as the italian Vouge wrote of her..".the famous yoga teacher from United States ".
She has put up big and comfortable tents on wooden platforms so that she can house groups of 12 to 15 people at the time. The yoga ,eating ,showering,cooking is all done outside in nature so that in practice one is out the whole day and living very close to nature.
And as you can see from the photo, she makes the most wonderful sundried tomatoes ....mmmmm

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sardinia, sardinia...

Pics by Johanna.

Normally we spend the summers here in the north of Europe, because this is where we like it the best this time of the year. But because we have very good friends that very kindly invited us to join them at
Sardinia this summer, we made an exception and holed the whole family along for two weeks on this magical island in the middle of the Mediterranean ocean.
And we had a very hot and sun-filled vacation. We arrived at the time the weather Gods decided to balance up for all the rainy and cool days in the north by blasting some real southern temperatures.
So coming from the cool 12 degrees celsius, we landed in close to 40 degrees in the shade.
A shook to the system it was ,but after a week of this ,we slowly started to get used to it.
Lots of hours on the beach with big umbrellas and big water melons, and a swim in the ocean every five minutes got us through. And as the rain filled up the nordic water reservoirs , Sardinia filled up our
batteries so that we no feel ready for  some cooler times. Thank you very much Sardinia, Ateeka and Ola