Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pure delight and nourishment for body and soul!

A handful of raw Cacao beens,  often called food for the Gods ,is feeding us in a godly way and opens our heart energy. It´s the bitter taste that goes into the heart meridian and  as we have experienced many times ,  makes us happy. It is also the food with the most antioxidants!

A handfull of almonds ;good oils that our body and cells loves and calsium that is the mineral our body needs the most of every day.
10 soft and fleshy dates ,gives sweetnes without raising our glucose index too high.
A vanilla pod that gives its heavenly flavour to lift our spirit.(the seeds )

Grind the cacao beens and the almonds.

Mix dates, cacao , almonds and vanilla with 4 big sppons of  virgin coconut oil (an other of these oils our body really likes...)

I mix it all with a fork til its become smooth and well blended.

Put a food paper on a plate and fork the chocolte out 1 cm thick ,press an other piece of paper on the to to make it smooth  and let it cool in the fridge or outside in the cold winter-air.

Cut up in squares and store in a glass container with a lid in the fridge.
A good white tea or a chamomille tea makes a wonderful company to the chocolate.

pics by Johanna.