Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer is here ! me

After a long and cold spring, summer seem to have taken over the scene. With temperatures around 18 `celsius and lots of showers ,things are speeding up out in the garden and on my veranda.
This year I`m growing most of my little seedlings in trays, hoping to get big and strong plants that can withstand a slug attack by the time they come out in the ground. And I love to have a very close following of the little seeds growing. It`s a miracle every one of them.

The first picture is of last years carrots that I have planted this spring, to grow carrot carrot flowers, which are some of my favorites flowers.
Then there is the hanging garden with herbs, little onions and a tray of little and delicious radishes .
And in between we have some little verbenas bonarienses that I hope will very suddenly become very big and beautiful..