Sunday, June 16, 2013

Alice in Wonderland 2.


I have written about Alice before, as she is one of the garden people out there that really inspires me.
She has written several great books on gardening and one of the last ones is about harvesting the natural resources that are growing around us,both in the city and in our garden and that are not normally beeing used. It`s free food and as Alys says "a kick to eat".
As Alys also is a foodie  she includes a bunch of great recipes that are worth testing out.
If you want to check her out, she also writes a garden-blog for the Guarian .

A whole chapter in this book, is about a englishman, Stephen Barstow, living in the north of Norway and cultivating his garden with  eatable plants from the whole world,now reaching  over 2000 different ones.  And as a curiosity , he holds the world record in making the largest salad ever. It contained 536 ingredients and took him 3 days to make!
I once went to a seminar where he took us through the garden and the world, opening our eyes to the richness of our surroundings, and we went away, looking hungrily at all the green around us .
He has written the book Around the World in 80 Plants. If you like to forage, I would think also this  book could add some items of interest to  your list of eatable plants.

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