Thursday, April 5, 2012

My bean jungle

It´s time,it´s time,it´s time ...
I love the bean plants! They are so much fun to follow, as they go from pods to sprouts, from sprouts to seedlings, and then start growing into green ,little giants, and then they form a little tropical jungle, all by them selves!
And their elegant shapes changes from day to day, a art study in it self.
Just look on your food shelves, find some beans of any kind ,put them in cold water over night
and throw them into the soil next morning. Egg boxes works well for the first stages of development.
Have fun and experiment with the different beans . One of my favorite is the ornamental beans
that grow many meter tall. So them inside and plant them out in the garden as the weather warms up and let them grow up some tall trellis ,trees or a wall . If they then get some good soil to grow in, they will grow into some big and strange animal looking green sculptures ,full of veloptous life