Sunday, June 17, 2012

Raspberry leaves, of course...

Pics by johanna It´s Raspberry leaves, as everybody probably guessed... the other most relentless and strong weed in our garden. It pops up everywhere from a amazing underground network of roots, and yes ,it has an amazing capacity to work with our roots too. During my four pregnancies,I drank a gallon of raspberry infusion every day of the second part of pregnancy. Reason being that the Raspberry has such a strengthening effect on the uterus,and thereby makes the uterus work more efficiently in the birthing process. And my babies did come shooting out,so to say,and the births took from one and a half hour to at the longest four hours(the first one). Raspberry leaves contain a alkaloid,fragrine, that strengthen and gives the muscles of the pelvic region more tone, and it is very rich in minerals and vitamins,and then in particular vit C and the presence of vit E, vit A and B complex. High in calcium and iron,phosphorus and potassium. Here are what Susun Weed says; It prevents miscarriages and postpartum hemorrhage from a more relaxed uterus. It eases morning sickness and stomach distress throughout the pregnancy. It reduces pain during labour and after because of a better toned pelvic region. It does not, however, reduce the pain of cervical dilation. It increases fertility in both men and woman ,and in particularly when combined with Red Clover. So an other good reason to go out in the garden and pull up those new shoots of Raspberry leaves and take well care of them. Not that we are all pregnant, but does only a pregnant woman want a strong pelvic region??? I pull them up and dry them on the floor of a dark and well ventilated room. Then I put the dried herbs into paper bags for storage. For herbal infusions,poor two handful of crumbled leaves into a liter, or a quart of boiling water. Put a lid on and leave to steep for a minimum of four hours. Strain the infusion and squeeze the remaining liquid out of the leaves(can´t waste anything of this valuable tonic!) Poor into a glass or glass bottle and store in the fridge. I always bring my bottle with me when I go out in the morning,knowing I have something of real value to drink during the day.

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