Thursday, June 7, 2012

The juice of life

Pics by Johanna juicing has become my new passion. Few things gives me more direct energy and an immediate feeling of centering. The main ingredient is organic carrots,and the most potent and vital ingredient is the wild weeds from the garden. The last months I have been out picking nettles and dandelion leaves and roots every morning for me and my family´s morning fix... . I add some fruit for freshness,normally I use an apple ,but also some times I variate and add some ananas or pears. I add some ginger and often a stalk of organic celery. And of course if I can find it organically grown, beet root. Because I always cut my nettle and dandelions down to use in the juice,I also have a continuous supply of the fresh growth of the plants and dont have to worry of them going into bloom. When drinking juice there is no digestion needed and thus the vital nutrients goes all to feed your cells. No energy is "wasted" on digestion.

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