Saturday, June 30, 2012

Infused with luck...

Pics by Johanna

The Red Clover is honoring us with its presence again! And it´s just as well to start harvesting. It will be here to the the very end of fall,bur in order to get enough of this lucky flower to keep us trough a long winter,it´s just as well to start harvesting it early. Bring a bag on your walks and just pick a little on a regular basis,and within the summer and fall you will feel rich and very lucky.
To understand how lucky,check out "Infused with life"  posted the 4th of October, 2011. It will tell you the great qualities of this herb and how to make a herbal infusion that will "infuse you with Life"!
Important to remember when you harvest the flowers, is that they have to be dry when you pick them.
They will spoil if you pick them in wet weather. Let the flowers dry in a airy and dark place on a piece of clean fabric,or dry them in the owen on 50 degrees celsius with the door open for about 7 hours or over the night.

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