Saturday, December 31, 2011

Building a strong immunesystem and a happy new year with fermented foods

Food can and I think, should be a joy for both body, soul and our senses. And after reading the book about the danish restaurant Noma, claimed to be the best restaurant in the world, I feel
that is exactly why they are so extremely successful. They have managed to create a whole new
way of using the natural foods around us, in a way that talk to us in so many ways, on so many levels, that it nourishes our whole bee-ing; body and soul.(thank you Lars R√łtterud, in Versal publishing, for the wonderful christmas present)

I have in inspiration decided to make something that i know the family both love to eat and that also is of a great value for our body and immune system when eaten on a daily basis.

Pickled vegetables is not used a lot in our culture, but its very much used in Asia, and then in particular in Japan. It makes a great and very healthy starter to any little meal,in that it supplements the digestive juices with healthy bacteria flora, thereby balancing the secretions of the stomach, helping in the formation of digestive enzymes and vitamins, strengthens the function of the pancreas, and improve the digestion of fats.

For maximum benefits sauerkraut is introduced gradually,by adding small amounts at each meal. Large amounts in the beginning can cause gas and bloating. One tablespoon the first week
at each meal is sufficient.

This is how to make pickeled veggies;
Sauerkraut that will blow any shop bought,manufactured stuff out of the scene. (quoting Alys Fowler)
Use 2-3 compact,organic, white or red cabbages.
Grate,or very finely cut the cabbages and in a sturdy bowl pound the cabbage with a rolling pin for about 10 min. or til the cabbage start to give out some moisture. Sprinkle a teaspoon of salt
on the top and cover the bowl with a tea towel and leave over night.

In a large kilner jar.Mason jar or ceramic crock,put 5-10cm of the cabbage,sprinkle with aprox.
1 ts of salt, of for a low salt version,with seaweed(ie dulse,wakame etc). You can allso layer with other vegetables,such as shopped up kale or Swiss chard, and add spices such as caraway seeds,ginger,etc. Next you need to pound this layer down to exclude air. And then you keep layering, adding salt or seaweed and pounding until you reach the top of the jar. You have now created the conditions that invite the good bacteria to your kraut,and there should be enough moisture that you can see the brine come out.As you reach the top of the jar,sprinkle with a little salt, and place a jam jar filled with water to weigh the cabbage down in the brine ,and leave it between 5 days or as long as it will need to ferment. You may see scum at the top ,which is not a bad thing,you can just scum it off.
Once the kraut tastes tangy, its ready to eat. When its suitable tangy,put a lid on and put it in the fridge and eat by the spoonfuls with every meal. If there isnt enough brine to cover the vegetables in the fermenting process ,fill up by disolving 1 tablespoon of salt in 250 g of water. The brine is what preserves the vegetables from going bad,and there for very important in the fermenting process .

This is living foods for living people! Enjoy.

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