Monday, December 26, 2011


I got a good reminder about a great remedy for this "cold" season that is so effectiv and easy to make that one simply forget many of thegood things in life,namely garlic honey.
Susun Weed sendt it thrugh the "air"and i would like to futher it on to you.

To be taken with any signes of soare throat,colds,the flu,sinus problems and lung congestions .

In a medium size glass jar,fill up with unpealed garlic cloves(preferably organicly grown),and pour over with honey to cover completely the garlic. Put on the lid,a label with the date and content and leave to soak,roomtemprature. Already,after one night one can see that the two have coupled nicely and can be used if necessary. Otherwise,you can leave this on the shelf nearly forever wihtout spoiling. Thats how strong acting this remedy is.
The garlic honey will darken with age,and will be a real treat to eat when totally saturated with the honey.

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