Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cranberries for christmas...and Troll-cream

Pics by Johanna

It`s cranberry time and its soon Christmas! Well kind of...because I have attended the first Christmas fair meeting, where we prepare for the big event in end of November,and today I found myself  singing
a Christmas carol .
These berries are for our special Christmas dinner, but  cranberry also makes very good jams and contain these bitters that we tend to get too little of in our diet . And they are fast and fun to pick.

I remember in my childhood ,sunday afternoons ,sitting  cleaning buckets full of cranberries that our family had picked on our sunday-berry-trip in the woods. And then after dinner, my favorite dessert:
Troll-cream. Of course this is only eaten in the land of trolls and it probably would not work to make elsewhere...But it is very simple and delicious; cranberries whipped up with a little sugar and an egg-white. And it needs to be whipped until its grown big and fluffy and stiff. Eaten with some cream mixed with milk and maybe the egg-yolk whipped up with some sugar, it makes wonderful color combinations and taste divine!

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