Monday, May 14, 2012

My mom gave me a wonderful gift for my birthday this year. Two old fashioned roses from my favorite rose nursery,Hesleberg nursery in Vollen, Asker. One of the big glasshouses are full of these old fashioned roses ,and when you come inn there ,you think that you have come to heaven. An ocean of blooming roses, bushes, beautiful,soft tones. Not the screaming,hard and strong colors that you often find on the modern roses. But it is the smell of warm,humid earth blended with the sweet and euphoric rose fragrance that really brings you to the heavens. I immediately get the impulse that this is the one and only way to live... of a rose nursery, and start thinking about how to realize this vision. Anyhow, in addition to all these wonders, are the old roses much less susceptible to diseases and is much stronger than our modern roses. And the owner( that says that he has never met a depressed gardener when I declare the effect of coming into his greenhouse) says that mostly some spraying of soap waters is what is needed if some unwanted animals or diseases should dear to attack the rose. Pics by Johanna.

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