Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dandelion lemonade to cool you down on a hot summer day

In these dandelion times,when this royal flower is shining from any corner of the garden,what is more natural than asking it´s permission to pick a gallon or two to make some royal dandelion lemonade. He for sure will give you his permission,since he has more children than he can count.(The other day I was taking a little break to lay down on the grass and soak up some sunshine and to stare a little up into the great sky,the sky was full of dandelion seeds...all the way up to the sun. No wonder Mr Dandelion can be so generous with his children...) Dandelion lemonade: Fill a crock with dandelion flowers Fill up with water,room temp. Poor over some raw sugar or honey Squeeze a couple of organic lemons,and stir inn the juice. Leave it to cool down and do it´s magic work in the fridge for at least 4 hours. Enjoy and know that apart from the great taste, this is also making your liver very happy! This is a drink to cool you down both physically and emotionally...

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