Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A nurturing place...our garden library DreyerHensley

This weekend, we had our last photo shoot for our book,coming out this easter .
We still needed to illustrate how our garden library can look like (as eveything
in this house,its always changing ) What is "new" right now,is the little table next to
the shelves, that have become a great winner with the family. Everybody seems to be drawn to
this space to do their work. Everything from home-work to artworks or blog writing.
Maybe its the table(that I had made for a photo shoot for a macrobiotic food book),or
maybe the combined comfort and nurturing energy of all the plant books together with
a place to sit down and work... But we have probably all experienced how entering a
library, a certain kind of collecteness and quiet comes over one.

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  1. Sitting here reading you old blogs, loving it. My dream is to have library, Loved your shelf...rustic