Monday, October 3, 2011

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It already looks a little like winter up here in the norwegian woods,but there are still great things to harvest out there. And some of the wild herbs to make infusion is still there. Allso the great dandelion roots is now collecting theis power down to the roots,so this is the time to harvest these fantastic wild foods for making tinctures to see you through this winter with plenty of sunny energy in your system.(see blog entry spring 2010)
This is stinging nettle and red clower, drying on the floor of our barn this summer.
Beautiful and even better ingested as an infusion.Red clower taste incredably a excellent,yunann icetea, mmmm. I only wish the sun would come out so i cuold go out and harvest lots and lots. The flowers are still there,but they have to be dry, not wet, when you harvest them,otherwise they will rot,in stead of dry.

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