Saturday, July 27, 2013

Plant a seed...Heggedal goes cooool!

Pics. by Ingvild and Kristin

How many train stations have cucumbers growing on the platform??? Well we have in Heggedal now,and that I think is very cool. It´s my very good friend ,Kistin Ellefsen, that has initiated this very fun project after moving to Heggedal only a few months ago,and well supported by the local community central that have sponsored the project so far.
 She has a vision of a community of small gardens and hopefully also a bigger community garden where everybody can join in taking care of it and use of the fresh harvested produce.
Inspired by other community gardens around and learning about the great benefits on different levels and specially on the social levels, it seems very important right now that Heggedal is in such a transition time, as a new centre is being built, and many new housing  projects popping up every where  , that we at the same time include some social structures that can be useful in building a feeling of belonging and a place to get to know each other organically....
And appart from a harvest celebration this fall , Kristin has invited everybody interested to join her to visit a new community garden in Oslo, Herligheten ,to learn more and get inspiration.

The pictures posted are already a little old, and does not include all the different little gardens, but I will do an other update and post some more pictures as I come back from vacation.

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