Sunday, February 24, 2013

I would like to give you a gift....

Pics by Johanna

It has come to the time where I really have to re-pot some of my plants. And the Aloe plants are the most urgent ones. When they start to break their pots because of too many roots, I guess I have to do something. The problem is that they become so plenty-full and get so many children that I soon have to, like in Monty Python , send my children to "medical experiments"....Of course I would not do that to my little babies. But I would like to give them new homes since I don´t have room for a thousand Aloe plants!
So let me do some advertising for these wonderful beings : If you would like to have a plant that nearly takes care of it self, you can go away for weeks and come home to your" still going strong Aloe"...It grows to become a big, sculptural and decorative plant that also survive the Norwegian summer outside. . It never get sick and is a pleasure to have around.
 And of course,as everybody knows, it is olso a great healer for your skin if you have been so unlucky to burn your self in the sun or on something  hot, or gotten otherwise soar and burning skin. You only break off part of one of the fleshy leaves ,slice it open in the middle and smear the cooling and healing gel on your  burning skin....a medicinal plant that should be in every home, I would say...
Well then, do you need an Aloe plant?
If you are lucky enough to live round the corner to where we live, I would be very glad to give you some of mine. Please come by and become the proud owner of an Aloe baby!

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