Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saffron pears for the new years celebration!

Pics by johanna

These are my absolute favorite pears ! A recipe so simple to make yet so sophisticated... The combination of pear and saffron is out of this world.
I serve it with whipped cream and caramelizes slivered almonds sprinkled on top .Et voila...a dessert
worthy any grand occasion.

2 kg organic pears
2 l water
1 3/4 l  unrefined cane sugar
2 g saffron
1 lemon plus water to cover the pears .

Peel the pears (you can leave the stalk on for decoration) and put them into the lemon water to prevent discoloring.
Miz water, sugar and saffron in a casserole. Boil up and stir till the sugar has melted.
Put in the pears and let them gently cook for 15 -25 min. depending on the size and softness of the pears. If the pears all fit into the casserole, cook them in different batches.
You can leave the pears to cool and enjoy them right away, or you can pour them into clean,hot glasses and leave them till the right occasion appears.

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