Friday, July 20, 2012

One ,two ,three, pick me a blueberry...

Pics by johanna

The woods are full of blueberries! And it´s a great way to spend time in nature, fill the freezer and contemplate life...berry picking is definitely worth wile doing.
Blueberries is also one of the most health-promoting berries, full of anti-oxidants and of course vitamins and minerals.
It´s also the one berry in our woods that stays for pretty much the whole summer and it´s not that you need to pick it within a couple of weeks, like it is with most other berries . But my experience is that the  berries taste the best when they are young.
We are so lucky that our garden is full of blue berries and whenever we need a cake , smoothie or something really yammy ...we go out and pick some of these blue wonders. Johanna with her favorite "berry picker" in hand , is the racer in our family...also the most motivated to make something sweet and tasty! Here is one of her creations ,specially made for me without gluten. Thank you,  my sweet Johanna!

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