Thursday, March 15, 2012

A seed of lotus

Pics by johanna

This winter,when visiting Mougins in Cote d´ázur, and my beautiful friend Kjersti, I spent a magical evening walking around ,at that time of the year, a seemingly normal little lake. Then I noticed this strange things floating in the water,and had a closer look. Ah,the seed capsules of lotus flowers. I picked the ones I could get to, dried them and took them with me in my hand luggage. They now sit in my kitchen-window like little "outofspace" looking flying saucers, reminding me of my summer trip to the same lake in the summertime a few years ago when I first saw the lotus-flowers in full bloom. I have never been as stunned over the sight of flowers as then...They stands half a meter over the water,giant and beautiful and out of this world. The leaves are so big that they could easily hold a little baby.
If you ever go to Mougins in summer time,be sure to stop by the lake that I don´t remember the name of, but forever remembering the sight of.
And thank you ,Kjersti, to show me the lotus wonder!

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